ladysmallwood asked:
"Arya x Gendry. 1-21 :D (but if I have to choose, spiderman kiss)"


Sorry this took me forever and a day. I didn’t do all of them, but here are a few.

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Anonymous asked:
"Tell us where ayra is please????!! And put a spoiler alert above if u are afraid people will be spoiled"



Im pretty sure most people know but shes away in the free cities atm, if people really wanna know its all online

Anonymous asked:
"what do you think will happen with gendrya in the books and show? i just want gendry to find arya"

Well if you’ve read the books you’ll know where Arya is (don’t wanna give spoilers) and we have to take into account that Gendry in the book and show is different. I think D & D want to stick to the story as much as possible, even though its my dream I doubt Gendry will end up in the free cities if a big reunion is on the cards in the books. I hope Arya will return home and then bump into Gendry again. The problem is Arya has changed alot so much so she isn’t herself anymore, which makes me think if they do see each other again it won’t be the same but you can see Gendry’s changed alot as well. Its hard to say what will happen to them really but it depends on what way Gendry goes in the show.
So basically I have no fucking clue! What I want to happen is completely different from what I think will happen. I hope they see each other again and Gendry can make Arya herself again ♡

mummerofl asked:
"Confession time. I used to be against the Gendry ship. My reason is I am older and really see Arya as a daughter and just want to let her for a brief moment in time allow her to grow as a normal child. But then 'I can be your family' happened. When the tears cleared from my eyes, I suddenly realised I was standing on a water-borne vehicle with the shore nowhere in sight."

Fuck yesssssss!!! *dances around the room* Welcome abroad ;)
*emotionally slow claps* Hope you enjoy your time here!!!! ♡♡♡

Just had the best dream that Gendrya happened!
In my dream I was watching GOT and Arya was escaping the dreadfort for some reason. When she got to the back gate Gendry was waiting for her and then saved her, as they were riding off Gendry stopped. Arya was like “what are you doing! we can’t stop we need to keep moving” and Gendry was like ” I have to stop” then he turned around and kissed her!!!! Still fangirling.

But then Arya started to demand they go save her family and Gendry said “we need to get to the wall first”, Gendry seemed to be a member of the nightswatch. Arya started to go ape shit and got off the horse. Then Ramsay Bolton came bobbing along, tricked Arya Gendry was lying to her, Gendry tried to reason with her but Arya shot Gendry in the chest!

0.o Wtf dreams!!!!

And mine are long and sharp, my lord, as long and sharp as yours.


Game Of Thrones gets auto-tuned and it’s goddamned delightful.

get to know me meme: [2/5] female characters » arya stark

Anonymous asked:
"hi! can you post that one gendrya fan art you posted like months ago (i know, wow, very specific), i'm gonna try to describe it the best i can : well basically it's gendry and arya (adults) kissing each other (or making love?) it's just the best gendrya fan art ever! and i can't find it on deviantart anymore! but if i remember well, it was rated 18+ on deviantart so it was hidden content... if you actually figure out wich fan art i'm talking than you are my queen! if you don't just post your fav"

Aha by the sounds of it your talking about my bb gal Steph! She has an amazing art blog which is:
And the link to her normal blog is

I recommend everyone follows her blogs and definitely her art blog! If you go on her art blog you should be able to find the one your looking for xx